A ping-pong table plays an irreplaceable role in practicing this sport. However, picking a ping-pong table is not an easy task for many people.

Among several choices of ping-pong tables, how can you know that you have made the right decision? Or you have just thrown your money around with an expensive mistake?

You should know what to look for in a good ping-pong table so you can cross out unsuitable options. This article will help you with that. Scroll down to know how to choose the best ping-pong table that fits your use.

Simple But Important Questions To Answer First

Before you start looking for a ping-pong table, you must have  an absolute answer to the question of What will you use this ping-pong table for?.

Different types of tables will be used for various usages. Thus, factors of a good kids’ ping-pong table cannot be identical to what you need to look for in a table for professionals.

For instance, a ping-pong table for kids should be in a smaller size and with more eye-catching color than a professional ping-pong table. Besides, a serious table for competitions must meet some standards. 

Not only you need to be clear on its purposes, but you should also answer some more questions. These questions might be familiar, but they can help you a lot to shorten your options list.

  • How often will you use the ping-pong table?

If you want to use it for daily training, you should pay more for a high-end option for long service. Or else, you can save yourself an adequate amount of money when purchasing a medium-quality ping-pong table.

  • Who will use the table?

This question might sometime be mixed up with the purpose, but they are totally different. Users make a significant contribution to the lifespan of a table. For example, if you want to buy a table for the school club, it should be more robust.

  • How much space is available for this table?

This question will help you to choose between a foldable and un-foldable ping-pong table.

  • Where will it be used?

Do not underestimate this question. Since you will need a specific type of table for indoor usage as well as outdoor use. 

How To Choose The Best Ping-Pong Table for Professional Use 

Now, I will help you with a comprehensive buying guide for the best ping-pong table. We will go down to detail to help you have an objective view. 

Ping-Pong Table Parts


Legs are an important part of a ping-pong table. Thus, it should be the first and foremost thing you need to take into account when buying a table.

You should make sure that your table has robust and high-quality legs that can withstand extended use under several damages in the next few years.

Besides, you should look for leg levelers on the bottom of the legs to screw in and out and keep the table balanced even when the floor isn’t level.

Although the standard height for legs is 30 inches, many adjustable height tables are suitable for kids or the disabled who sit in a wheelchair and play ping-pong.

Tables for disable players should meet several standards

Place of legs also matters for wheelchair users as it might cause discomfort when legs are positioned too close to the end of the table.

In foldable or conversion tops ping-pong tables, legs also come with wheels to move the table around with ease. Hence, you should check the quality of the wheels as well as the smoothness when dragging the table around.

Foldable ping-pong table with wheels 


The next thing you should pay attention to is the net. You should find a net with soft-covering attachment in order not to scratch the surface of the table.

Net clamps for ping-pong table

Moreover, check the net clamps carefully to make sure that they are sturdy enough and not attached to the surface or the underside of your table.

Important Properties


The thickness of a table surface makes a significant contribution to its bouncing features.

Common materials for tabletops are plywood, plastic, metal, concrete, fiber-glass, particle-board. And their thickness is between 0.47 inches and 1.2 inches.

In general, the thicker table surfaces, the higher quality the table is. However, in tournaments, they have 1-inch thickness tabletops. Thus, if you want to have a practicing table, you should choose one with a similar 1-inch thickness. 


Well, another important factor that you should look for is the leveling of the table. Make sure the tabletop is evenly leveled by seeing from all sides of the table. 

Also, it would be best if you watched for some bending and wrapping that might affect the bounce of the ball. 

Colour surface

Many people might not pay attention to the color of the surface as they think it is not a big deal. In fact, if not carefully consider, this factor might lead to some consequences that you don’t want.

The color of the surface must have good contrast between the floor, walls, and area background color. Thus, it will be easier for both players and referees to know whether the ball hits the table for fall out to the ground.

Dark blue tables are most commonly used


Last but not least, portability is the thing you should consider when buying a ping-pong table.

If you don’t have enough space for a table to set up permanently, a foldable ping-pong table is a great choice. A roller table also comes with wheels and brake to move the table around with ease.

This kind of ping-pong table might be more economical than a standard one. However, you cannot expect the same tabletop quality as a permanent ping-pong table.

Close the Topic

So, do you find what you need to look for in a good ping-pong table? 

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