If you love to bowl, and want to have your game improve in the next game, then you start considering purchasing a better bowling ball. It is an integral part of your collection, as it interacts with all elements in the alley – the pins, the lanes, the oil pattern and the player.

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They should be one of the most splurged items. Why? The quality of bowling ball determines if your shot will break and make. Nevertheless, it’s paramount that you understand the bowling ball technology to help increase your chances of using the best ball. Plus, this knowledge will help you win more games on the lanes.

Today, not all bowling balls are designed for all lane conditions. As such, we’ve reviewed a plethora of balls and come up with the seven best bowling ball available in the market.

Top 1 – Brunswick Rhino Reactive

For those you love to have a first reactive resin ball, then this item should be on the top of your list. This ball will serve you better in both light or medium oil conditions and meets all USBC specification, which ensures that you have an outstanding game at the alleys.

This new bowling ball features the latest R-16 reactive coverstock for an impressive balance between power and control. The R-16 formula provides a perfect backend hook-motion and length while limiting the ball’s sensitivity to dry and oily parts of the lane. Thus, ensuring you get a high aim without the ball wandering off course.

The Brunswick Rhino Reactive features the typical light bulb shaped core to improve the ball’s motion with an impressive pin action, allowing bowlers to make more strike and achieve a higher score than ever.

This ball could also be helpful for a player looking to learn how to handle symmetric bowling ball. Each ball comes with a distinctive core shape for ball weighing between 12 -16 pounds. This lightweight ball is constructed to offer bowler with consistent ball reaction irrespective of the weight range.

In summary, this bowling ball is a top choice for those trying to learn how to hook.

Top 2 – Hammer Black Widow Legend

The Hammer Black Widow Legend was designed for several bowling conditions and situations. This is probably why it’s named legend.

This unit is another version of the Widow Legend line, but just better in terms of quality and performance.

That’s not all: this unit is designed to improve your game. The unit sport hybrid coverstock, which makes this item is lightweight and remain on course when you are bowling.

Further, this ball makes your every shot feel easy and straightforward. However, this unit is the best use for medium to heavy oil lane. Besides, the manufacturer offers a 3-year limited warranty that ensures the utmost quality.

Top 3 – Brunswick Kingpin

The Brunswick Kingpin is designed to meet every bowler’s expectation. This is a top recommendation for players, especially beginners, who needs to get the best hook potential. Thanks to its unique combination of Adhesion, Enhanced Composite, ECA, with an asymmetrical core. The overall combination of these features makes this item highly performing and helps get the best out of the heaviest oil conditions.

Top 4 – Motiv Venom Cobra

One of the most sought after bowling balls in the market is Motiv Venom Cobra, and the reason isn’t far fetched. The Motiv Venom Cobra is a very versatile ball to have, as it comes with almost features for incredible bowling sessions. Plus, it’s an excellent choice for both beginners as well as veterans.

Also, Motiv Venom Cobra offers excellent performance, remarkable durability and at a competitive price. Further, its new cover and core design add together to provide users with a better performance. It works well with light to medium oil, which offers more length compared to other models from the same brand.

More so, it responds faster to friction and offers uniform strength through the lane. In each shot, the ball packs a lot of power while ensuring its continuity. Besides, Motiv Venom Cobra weight ensure consistent shot by enhancing all variable of ball motion.

Top 5 – Storm Code Red

This unit is nothing like most bowling ball reviewed on this list; the Storm Code Red is shipped without any holes. However, there’s a drilling option, you can order for before purchasing to have you ball shipped with holes.

Here’s more: it features a RAD4 core known to offer high speeds and high torque in varying lane conditions. This manufacturer has included a high differential core technology in the Code Black model to enhance the ball’s performance in any conditions. However, the Code Red bowling ball sports this technology but a better version for top-notch performance.

This ball features 1500 grit polish finish. This item comes with a red pearl core, which makes its one of the ideal choice for medium to heavy oil conditions.

Top 6 – The Storm Timeless

This unit sports a hybrid reactive resin coverstock that creates a perfect combination of bite and speed. This excellent combination allows bowlers to secure precise access points without losing velocity and power. In short, this ball keeps you on your game at the alley.

Coming with asymmetrical core, it combines balance with flare, which set you up with angular shots without trading off control and stability. This ball should help you achieve about 5 to 6 inches of the curve consistently.

In conclusion, this is a high-end, terrific bowling ball. While it may be used by anyone, but it’s best used to be serious and seasoned bowlers. Why? Novice may not stand the best chance of handling and controlling it.

Top 7 – The Pyramid Path

Are you new to the sport of bowling, and looking to purchase your first bowling ball? If yes, then you should consider this product. This ball comes with an affordable price tag and is way cheaper than the Storm Timeless, which allows anyone to purchase one without breaking the bank.

This ball come in a wide range of weight from 8 to 16 pounds. This means no matter your strength levels or size; there is always a weight that will work well with you. Regardless of who you are – an adult woman or man or a child – you can still handle and control the ball.

Plus, there’s a lot of varying styles to choose from, which includes white/black/blue, black/orange, and pink/black. To sum it up, there are 8 style options to pick from, with some reacting to blacklight, which makes them excellent for bowling in the midnight.


How do I choose the right bowling ball weight?

Bowling balls come in varying weight from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. For professional bowlers, they often purchase a bowling ball weight about 15 – 16 pounds for men, while the female goes for 14 pounds. For juniors and seniors, it’s advisable to try out the 12-pound ball as its recommended option including those finding it hard to control balls weighing enormously.

Which material is this best?

Bowling balls features two major parts – the core and the coverstock. The coverstock is the visible outer layer, and there are four coverstocks and react differently to the lane surface. The coverstock offers high friction potential that makes a better hook potential.


Plastic coverstocks are the perfect choice for beginners. This bowling ball has low hook potential and rolls smooth. It offers all the control you need while learning how to play. Besides, it works excellently on dry lanes.


This type is an excellent choice for those looking to have better control. It makes a top choice for achieving an superb pin action. Also, it feels nice and ensures you get a better hook and deflect less. Note, plastic is not as durable as Urethane.

Reactive Resin

This has the highest reaction, which means you should expect a higher hook potential. They are sensitive to lane conditions. Thanks to their high friction, they spin and contort while rolling down the lane.