Road Rides

Different browsers show the map above differently, and the squares will not necessarily be lined up with the area they represent.*

We frequently get requests for information on road riding in the area. After several years' experience on the roads in and around Northwest Florida, we offer the following. It goes without saying that Dragon Sports is not responsible for road conditions, driver attitudes, mean dogs, or weather on any of these roads, but we'll say it anyway. We VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND wearing a helmet when riding. Come by either store and we can show you some reasons why.  Additionally, if you ride on any roads within the Eglin Military Reservation, you are required to wear a helmet, carry a picture ID, and carry a current Recreational Pass, available from Jackson Guard in Niceville. Dragon Sports will not be responsible for any tickets you receive for not following these rules.

Since Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf Coast on September 16, some routes on these maps are not safely rideable, due to storm damage or use as interstate detour routes. Check with local officials on the status of the routes before heading out.

There is a printed map available at the Fort Walton Beach store of the off-road/running trails around Timberlake Pond. You are required to have a range pass to use these trails.

Distances on map directions may vary by about a tenth of a mile per ten miles.


Favorite F.W.B. Local Roads: Ranger Camp Road, 285, etc.

Laurel Hill Loop

Northeast Okaloosa-Northwest Walton Co.s: Dorcas-Mossy Head-Bob Sikes

Walton-Washington Co.s: Freeport-Redbay-Rockhill

Baker: Beaver Creek Loop

Holt: Holt/Berrydale-Holt/Baker Loops



Laurel Hill Road RideMary's Loop Road Ride Beaver Creek Holt Road Ride Fort Walton Beach Area Road Ride Rockhill Road Ride