Bike Information

In Stock Bikes - check out the price lists by Brand Name. Custom-built bikes are one of our specialties. We make an extra effort to match the customer with a bike that will fit his/her needs, and to ensure proper bike fit. We are a full service bicycle shop and carry a complete line of bike accessories and clothing. Bike fit guarantees only apply to in store purchases.

Purchasing a Bicycle from Dragon Sports entitles you to the following:
  • Free Bike Fit
  • 90 Day Tune-up and Adjustment period
  • 10% off Accessories

Installation of additional items will be free of labor charges. We offer a 20% discount on bike accessories with the purchase of 2 or more bikes.

Every bike that goes out the door is custom fit to the individual. We are so confident that you will be happy with the fit of your bike that we offer a 30 day replacement guarantee. This applies to in store purchases on current year bikes. Every bike comes with a free 90 day adjustment period followed by a complete tune up. Dragon Sports has a full service bicycle repair shop.

Bike Builds

Dragon Sports provides all components and frame ---------------$00.00
Customer provides frame or parts---------------------------------------$75.00
Customer provides all components and frame---------------------$150.00
Mail order/internet purchase------------------------------------------------$75.00

Technical bike clothing: Pearl Izumi, Cannondale, and others

DRAGON SPORTS bike jerseys $65 are made by Champion Systems and DRAGON SPORTS socks $9 are made by Sock Guy.