Road Rides-Favorite Rides

Favorite Roads:

Ranger Camp Road, also known as Range Road 236

Location: Hwy 189, between Shalimar and the north Fort Walton Beach community of Wright.

Course: From Hwy 189 ride north  8.5 miles to the stop sign. Turn left. Ride 5.0 miles to the second stop sign, turn left. Ride   2.3 miles to the large concrete turnaround and return along the same route. No shoulder, low traffic.

Description: Probably the most-ridden road in the area. Site of the weekly hammerfest. A flat, fast ride with two easy, short climbs. Part of the road is rough, and can be windy at times.

Special notes: 1) A new recreational permit is required  yearly and can be purchased for $5 at Jackson Guard in Niceville (850-882-4164 x 331). NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM CARRYING THIS PERMIT AND A PICTURE ID, OR WEARING A HELMET. 2)  Located next to the Timberlake Trail system, 25+ miles of single track trails for off-road cyclists and runners.

Parking: Right side of Range Road 236, just off Hwy 189.  

Highway 285(Niceville)

Location:  North side of Niceville

Course: North-Northeast from Niceville's College Blvd./ Forest Rd.  9.7 miles to Bob Sikes Rd (280) or 15.9 miles to Hwy 90.

Description: Relatively flat with three modest climbs. Smooth pavement with a wide shoulder.

Special notes: Often used as an access route to rides further north.

Parking: Ruckel Middle School or the Niceville Civic Center located south of College Blvd. and Palm Blvd. on Hwy 285.

Highway 20 (Bluewater Bay)

Location: Begins in the Bluewater Bay community of Niceville, southeast of the Rocky Bayou Bridge.

Description: A very flat route that skirts the north side of the bay traveling east. Nicely paved with a wide shoulder all the way to the east side of Bay County. The traffic volume is usually low and the road is lined with trees on both sides. There is a great view of the bay in the Choctaw Beach area.

Special notes: CAUTION!  We  strongly advise against using Hwy 20 to ride west through Niceville. Traffic volume is very high and there are no bike lanes or shoulders. Instead, use the NICEVILLE BYPASS route.

This is a good access road to rides north and east.

Often used by residents and visitors from Destin via the Mid-bay Bridge.

Parking: The Bluewater Bay community has designated bike lanes on both sides of Hwy 20. This provides easy access and many parking opportunities.

Connections and Bypasses

Mid-Bay Bridge: Connects Destin with the north side of the bay (Bluewater Bay community)

Directions: Ride north on Danny Weurffel Way (293) from Hwy 98. Danny Weurffel Way becomes the Mid-bay bridge, which becomes White Point Road, ending at Hwy 20.

Description: Riding from Destin, Danny Weurffel Way has a bike lane and allows for easy access onto the bridge. Mid-bay bridge has a wide shoulder, but watch for debris. There are tollbooths at the north end of the bridge. Small black boxes are mounted on the outer walls near the tollbooths. Cyclists and pedestrians are expected to deposit 10¢. Always stay to the far right when going through the toll area. Some of White Point Rd does not have a shoulder, so stay to the right at all times.

Niceville Bypass
: Safest route when traveling around Niceville. Often used by Fort Walton and Destin residents as a connector between these cities and points north.

Start: Intersection of Hwy 20 and Edgewater Drive, on the northwest end of Rocky Bayou Bridge

Direction Distance in miles Turn Direction Road
Northeast (on Edgewater Dr 0.3 Left Rocky Shores Dr
Northwest 0.6 Right Rocky Bayou Rd
East 0 Left Forest Dr
Northwest 2.4 Straight Hwy 285/College Blvd
West 2.0 Straight Hwy 85N/College Blvd
West/Southwest 2.6 Right Hwy 85S

 (Southwest 4.6 miles to Hwy 189, then turn right, go1.8 miles west to Ranger Camp Road 236 or  4.6 miles to Dragon Sports)

CAUTION! Curbs extend into the bike lane on College Blvd between 85 and 285. Watch for rough pavement, large bridge gaps and no shoulder between 85N and 85S on College Blvd.